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Offsite Data & Mailing Services
Parcels : All mailings over 1 lb. and thicker than 3/4".
Postcards : All benefits of First Class Mail.
Media Mail :  Special class of mail used for media products. Example: Videos, CDs or DVDs.
Bound Printed Matter :  Special class of mail used for catalogues or books. We can sort and mail offering deep discounts.
Periodicals : Magazines and other printed materials sent through the mail on a regular schedule. Example: Weekly, monthly or biannual.
Standard Mail : Cheapest, slowest delivery and undeliverable mail not returned.
First Class Mail : Most expensive, gets delivered fastest and undeliverable mail returned.
Proper Casing : We can take supplied information and ensure correct upper and lower casing of text in documents. Example: IBM instead of ibm.
Genderization : We will take supplied list and it break down by gender. Our database has over 300,000 first names.
Business Reply : You can use our P.O. Box and we will pick-up, collate and enter specified data if desired. Example: Survey replies.
Foreign Mailings : Foreign mailings through the United States Postal Service tend to be expensive. We offer discounts for all overseas business.
NCOA (National Change of Address) : The USPS maintains a directory called “National Change of Address ”(NCOA). For an additional fee we can compare your list against the NCOA and return it to you with the corrections made. This process is advised for First Class mail.
Merging/Purging : We can take one list and remove duplications or take numerous lists and combine, remove duplications and create subsets of this list.
Schedule Notices : We can create letters for regular mailings. Example: Events or updates.
Newsletters : We can create letters for groups or organizations and maintain their mailing lists.
Form Letters : We can create a letter with replaceable fields (names and addresses) which are then printed and mailed. Example: Letters to a client list.
List Cleansing : We can take supplied lists and remove any duplications of information and all unusable data.
List Acquisition : We can supply a list to cover any residences required. Lists are priced according to the detail of the information requested. Example: Single parents owning a private home.
List Normalization : We will take any list you supply and check various fields to ensure information appears only once in database.
List Maintenance : The most important part of preparing a mailing campaign is identifying who you wish to reach. Define your target and we can provide you with lists customized to your needs. The cost of the lists vary depending upon how detailed the information you need. The United States Post Office does not provide mailing lists.
Pre-sorting : Mail must be sorted by destination; pre-sorted mail is delivered to the Post Office already to go. Pre-sorts range from large geographic areas all the way down to the exact route traveled by your letter carrier. Each level carries a greater discount.
Postage Definitions
Service Definitions
Address Correction : It is a process that insures that the piece you are sending goes to a known address (not that the person you are mailing is there!). We are licensed by the postal service to match the addresses you provide to all addresses known to the USPS. This list is updated every 60 days.
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